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Build Your Own LEGO Captain America Shield: I Can Do This All Day

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | August 1, 2023

For the Marvel-loving, LEGO-building fan in your life (maybe it’s you!) comes this Captain America’s Shield LEGO set. The 3,128-piece set costs $200 and comes together to form an impressive reproduction of the superhero’s shield, with a diameter of 18.5″. For reference, Captain America’s shield in the movies is approximately 30″, so it is a bit smaller. For your sake, I hope it’s still big enough to block all the NERF darts I’m going to shoot at you when you’re finished building it though.

The way that it’s constructed is actually a feat of engineering itself. Of course, I say that about most LEGO sets. Would I be able to construct this set successfully? I guess that depends on whether Captain America’s shield is supposed to be triangular.

Obviously, I plan on building the set and taking it to the theater with me when Captain America: Brave New World comes out next year. Will it break mid-movie, and all the pieces scatter on the theater floor? If the LEGO Infinity Gauntlet I brought to Infinity Wars was any indication, yes. I lost two fingers and three infinity stones!