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Two Teens Build Wooden Roller Coaster in Their Backyard

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | August 4, 2023

17-year-old Sammy and 19-year-old Jack of Built To Thrill constructed their wooden Shadow Stalker roller coaster in their East Brunswick, New Jersey backyard. That’s pretty impressive. For reference, at 17, I tried building a birdhouse, and the roof collapsed even before any birds decided to nest in it. That was probably for the best.

The coaster can accommodate a single person on an action-packed 8-second thrill ride, with the first hill providing some sweet airtime. At least enough to make a rider’s hat come off. And if your hat isn’t going to come off, can you even call it a coaster?

Unfortunately for its young builders (but probably fortunately for nearby neighbors), the town of East Brunswick has ordered the immediate closure and deconstruction of Shadow Stalker as a result of failing to acquire the necessary building permits and inspections. The team is currently looking to rehome the coaster, which I 100% would do if knew my own neighbors wouldn’t come after me with torches and pitchforks.

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