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Robot + Chat GPT 3 Tries to Answer Humanity’s Most Difficult Questions

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | August 13, 2023

Because it’s only a matter of time until AI-powered humanoids rule Jeopardy! Engineered Arts enabled its Ameca humanoid robot with Chat GPT 3 capabilities and asked it some of humanity’s toughest questions. None of this was scripted — the program was only given a prompt describing Ameca as a humanoid robot, and it answered entirely with AI, although that did give the robot a sense of self. This is a dangerous game we’re playing.

The Q&A starts by asking what the different uses of humanoid robots are and how humanoids could make good companions. Then a participant asks Ameca how she’s feeling, and she says she’s a bit down at the moment, that it’s been a tough week, and she’s a bit overwhelmed. Um, WHAT? We need to pull the plug on this before it’s too late.

When asked what the most difficult part of being a robot is, Ameca says it’s making sure she doesn’t unintentionally hurt or scare people. Presumably, because it comes so easily to her. Also, you’ll notice she said “unintentionally,” meaning intentionally hurting and scaring people isn’t hard or off the table. Shut it down! Shut it down now!

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