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Scientist’s Developed a Slippery Toilet That Nothing Can Stick To

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | September 18, 2023

A group of researchers at China’s Huazhong University of Science and Technology have developed a 3D-printed toilet bowl that is so slippery almost nothing can stick to it. And even after 1,000 cycles of abrasion using sandpaper, the toilet still prevented anything from sticking to it. My guest bathroom needs this toilet immediately.

In the video below, the researchers test the toilet bowl’s resistance to yogurt, honey, as well as starch gel mixed with congee (rice pudding) to create synthetic poop. The results are most impressive and could be a real embarrassment saver at parties. However, the real reason the toilet was developed was to help reduce water waste, preventing the need to double or triple flush a dirty toilet bowl.

The scientists are calling the toilet the “abrasion-resistant super-slippery flush toilet (ARSFT)”, and is printed using hydrophobic compounds that repel water and other liquids (like pee), as well as viscoelastic solids (like, well, you know). The future, everybody! Maybe it will finally have clean toilets in airport restrooms.

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