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Tesla’s Optimus Humanoid Robot Does Yoga: Namaste Away from Me!

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | September 26, 2023

With a lot of catching up to do to rival Boston Dynamics’ ATLAS robot, automaker Tesla recently unveiled a video of its Optimus humanoid robot performing yoga, as well as being able to sort objects autonomously. “Well, isn’t that cute,” I imagine Atlas thinking to itself before backflipping over Optimus and kicking it down a flight of stairs.

Tesla Optimus Robot Does Yoga

In the video, the 5’8″, 125-lb Optimus prototype can be seen balancing on one leg and sorting giant LEGO-like pieces based on color. Optimus can self-calibrate its limbs at any time and identify their location in space. Tesla plans to have the robots available for sale sometime between 2025 and 2027, by which time, hopefully, it can do a lot more.

Tesla Optimus Robot Sorts Blocks

Admittedly, it does look like Optimus is pretty dextrous and has a gentle touch with its hands. Now, I’m not saying there’s a clear future for Optimus models in the love robot market, but you and I both know it’s only a matter of time until somebody tries that.

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