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Cowboy Hat Engagement Ring Box: I Howdy Do

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | September 30, 2023

How can you propose to the cowpoke of your dreams without an engagement ring box that properly represents your livestock rustling lifestyle? Problem solved. This Cowboy Hat Jewelry Box is available for sale on Amazon (affiliate link). The hats come in brown, black, or blue and would make it awfully hard for your significant other to say no when you get down on one knee and ask, “You wanna be my partner?”

Obviously, this is perfect for couples who meet at the rodeo or in a saloon. If you regularly wear spurs, this is the engagement ring box for you. If you don’t, it might not be. When I proposed, I didn’t even have a box. I had tied the ring around the dog’s collar, who immediately untied it, and I had to find the ring in the yard. Granted, that might not be the engagement story most women dream of, but it is the one that my wife got.

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