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Electric Double-Decker Bus for Sale on Alibaba, Just $9,000

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | October 6, 2023

Because what can’t you buy on Alibaba, the Chinese online shopping giant is selling these $9,000 all-electric double-decker buses, presumably so you can start your own amusement park. Or a city tour company. The money-making opportunities are practically limitless!

The buses are powered by a 6.6 horsepower electric motor, with a top speed of around 16 MPH and approximately 75 miles to a charge. That’s not bad! Unfortunately, the $9,000 price tag does not include shipping, and I doubt one of these will fit in a flat-rate international envelope, at least not without some of that Harry Potter Knight Bus magic.

Do I want one? Of course I want one, who in their right mind wouldn’t want one? I can really see myself hanging out on the top deck…driving the bus with a combination of long sticks and ropes I’ve attached to the wheel and pedals, trying my damndest not to crash into everything. I can’t wait. All aboard!

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