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Turning a Toilet Into a Giant Toothy Mouth for Halloween

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | October 16, 2023

Because apparently, there’s no such thing as going overboard for some people when it comes to decorating for Halloween, we’ve got the misleadingly named 5-Minute Crafts showing off the hours-long process of turning a toilet into a giant toothy mouth for your next Halloween party. That’s definitely frightening.

They made the molars made from soap using a mold constructed from the bottom of a plastic soda bottle, and the incisors are from toilet paper rolls that have been flattened at one end and dipped in soap. The gums are alginate poured in a mold around all teeth to complete the mouthy look, with a strip of LED lights inside for extra spook.

The full video is up on Facebook, but you can check out a brief excerpt of the process below. But seriously, how are you supposed to use the bathroom? Sure, it looks pretty cool now, but it’s going to look a whole lot worse as soon as some brave soul tries to sit on it. Me? I’d take one look at that toothy toilet and just use the shower.