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Tag: Betamax

Was Beta Really Better than VHS?

Was Beta Really Better than VHS?
Back in the ’80s, I was a huge proponent of BetaMax videotapes, though it was less about the image quality for me and more about the audio quality Beta Hi-Fi, which offered up far better sound quality than other video formats at the time.

Betamax to HD-DVD Converter is Already Obsolete

Betamax to HD-DVD Converter is Already Obsolete
ThinkGeek recently announced their latest electronic gadget, a device that can easily convert your old Betamax Tapes to brand-spankin’-new HD-DVD discs. While it won’t handle transfers of DIVX, MiniDisc or SelectaVision Videodiscs, the BetaMaxHD will convert between two of the most undoubtedly out-of-fashion consumer media formats money can (or can’t) buy.

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