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Tag: Combat

Night Vision Helmet Looks Dorky But Works Well

Night Vision Helmet Looks Dorky But Works Well
SA Photonics released this crazy-looking helmet, to make everyone look dorkier. It’s called the High Resolution Night Vision System (HRNVS) and improves on previous night vision technology by providing high-resolution sensors. The big thing is that the sensors are arranged over a field of view of 80 degrees, which is double what other night vision gear offers.

Overturn: Everybody was Robot Fighting [Wii]

Overturn: Everybody was Robot Fighting [Wii]
Looking to throw down with some giant stompy robots in a realistic, immersive way? Upset that virtual reality tech hasn’t swept in to take care of this for you? While you may not be able to climb into your personalized mech and brawl your heart out, thanks to a forthcoming WiiWare title, you will at least be able to do a little robot fighting.

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