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Tag: Computer Accessory

Rollermouse Free: the Exact Opposite of the Magic Trackpad

Rollermouse Free: the Exact Opposite of the Magic Trackpad
Like many of Apple’s products, the Magic Trackpad is more form than function – it looks great but it’s not very practical. On the other hand, Contour Design’s design philosophy seems to be the opposite of that.

Blow Your Keyboard Dirt Away

Blow Your Keyboard Dirt Away
When you talk about blowing dirt off of electronics, most people think, of course, of plain ol’ canned air. And that works fine, sure, but the prank potential is fairly limited. With this gun-shaped keyboard brush, however, you can do all sorts of things, from tickling a co-worker’s nose with the dusty end of the brush to using it it to scare the heck out of that guy in HR with the attitude problem.

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