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Tag: Heckendorn

Ben Heck’s Latest Mod: Atari Jaguar Portable

Ben Heck’s Latest Mod: Atari Jaguar Portable
I’m a big fan of Ben Heck’s amazing console mod projects, and this one is no different. Ben’s latest challenge: turn an Atari Jaguar console into a portable. As usual, the result is quite stunning. He managed to cram the entire system into a box about 1-inch thick with a built-in LCD panel and the ability to run it off of a (somewhat unwieldy) battery pack.

Xbox 360 Laptop Mod (Awesome)

Xbox 360 Laptop Mod (Awesome)
Console modder extraordinaire, Ben Heck has completed his latest masterpiece, and Xbox 360 laptop. Ben’s “portable” has a beautiful aluminum case with a 17-inch widescreen LCD, built-in keyboard, Wi-Fi and USB ports on board. Dimensions are a “svelte” 16.75″ x 10.75″ x 2.8″, so it’s actually not much larger than a stock Xbox 360.

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