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Tag: Hip Hop

Dungeons & Dragons: Gangsta Edition

Dungeons & Dragons: Gangsta Edition
“As you’re running, you trip over your sagging jeans, so you take a -2 to your street cred.” Most tabletop RPGs are set in alien worlds and times long gone or have yet to come. But YouTuber Justen Mann and his crew show us that roleplaying as your contemporaries can still be fun.

“Wazer Wifle!”: A Fallout 3 Rap That’s Actually Pretty Good

“Wazer Wifle!”: A Fallout 3 Rap That’s Actually Pretty Good
Normally, when you see a YouTube rap based on a piece of geek culture, you know it’s going to be awful. Probably better than a local Mitsubishi dealer rap, but not by much. There’s usually no flow, the most boring and predictable rhymes in the world, a beat that sounds like it was rejected from a MC Hammer album in the ’80s, and that awful breathlessness that comes with attempting to rap without having any practice at all.

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