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Tag: I Sobot

I-Sobot: the Rambo of Toy Robots

I-Sobot: the Rambo of Toy Robots
A while back we featured a video of the versatile Tomy i-SOBOT shooting at a bunch of rectangular sponges with a bow and arrow. It turns out that the hurting didn’t stop there, as YouTube user paxshikai eventually came up with an armory’s worth of custom weapons for his/her robot, including a gatling gun.

Tomy I-Sobot Shoots an Arrow Straight Through My Heart

Tomy I-Sobot Shoots an Arrow Straight Through My Heart
Tomy’s i-SOBOT mini robot has been receiving raves for it’s cool moves and programmability. This recent clip from Robots Dreams shows off the talented little robot doing his best bow and arrow work. While I wouldn’t necessarily let the pint-sized robot shoot an apple off of my head, I’m still pretty impressed by the motion capabilities of the little guy.

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