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Tag: Myoelectric

Bebionic Hands Make Me Want to Cut Mine Off

Bebionic Hands Make Me Want to Cut Mine Off
Actually no, I love my sweaty hands and my knobby fingers. But UK-based BeBionic‘s fully articulated myo-electric hands look menacing, making the simple act of gripping an apple or playing Jenga seem like part of a diabolical scheme.

The World’S Most (Face) Shocking Videos

The World’S Most (Face) Shocking Videos
What do you get when you take four of your closest friends, attach electrodes to their faces, and then fire off small jolts of electricity to the beats of electronica? Video genius, I say. Tokyo electronic artist / programmer / composer /DJ Daito Manabe connected each of his four friends to the business-end of his “Face Visualizer” device, which shoots computer-controlled myoelectric charges through the wires.

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