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Tag: Oregon Trail

Let’S Take Our Covered Wagon and Go Find El Dorado

Let’S Take Our Covered Wagon and Go Find El Dorado
Oregon Trail is an undeniable classic, but all that long, laborious travel, all that pesky resource management… after a while, don’t you really just want to start jumping the mountains in your covered wagon? Let’s Go Find El Dorado is a game tailor-made for anyone who ever wanted to see a cow ramp over the mountains while slogging away on the Oregon Trail.

Dysentery on the Dsi

Dysentery on the Dsi
At last! The Oregon Trail, the pinnacle of depression in gaming (or should that be the nadir?) will be available on DSiWare. Just in case,  you know, you couldn’t already play it on seven or eight other devices in  your home, like your computer, iPhone, or toaster.

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