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Tag: People

Ah, Look at All the USB People…

Ah, Look at All the USB People…
Are you addicted to making your avatars and Miis that look like tiny doppelgänger of yourself? Then you might want to check out these cool USB minifig people that can be ordered to your own custom design specifications.

It’s People. Tetris is Made Out of People!

It’s People. Tetris is Made Out of People!
Everyone’s favorite Soviet block video game has been brought to life using a roomful of people, taking on the roll of the various colored geometric shapes from the game. The stop-motion video by Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond of NotSoNoisy creative agency is the latest in his series of video game inspired clips, which first gained popularity with Human Space Invaders and Human Pong, and more recently, Human Pole Position.

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