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Tag: Tailbot

X-rhex Robot Gets a Tail, Always Lands on Its Feet

X-rhex Robot Gets a Tail, Always Lands on Its Feet
The tiny Tailbot robot relies on a tail to control its balance. Now, the creators of the Tailbot and the RHex hexapod robot have teamed up to make the X-RHex Lite. The difference between this robot and the original Tailbot is that the XRL is about 60 times bigger, weighing 8.1 kilograms compared to the tiny Tailbot which only weighed 177 grams.

New Robot Design Gets Lizard Tail

New Robot Design Gets Lizard Tail
To build a better robot, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley are adding lizard-like tails. They have created a new kind of robot inspired by lizards. Leaping lizards use their tails to control the orientation of their bodies when leaping through the air, and that’s what the new design is all about.

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