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Sound/Chairs Get Their Shape From Audio Waves

Sound/Chairs Get Their Shape From Audio Waves
This wild piece of modern furniture may look like an abstract shape from the mind of its creator, but it’s actually been precisely engineered from a 3-dimensional waveform plot of a brief audio clip. To make his Sound/Chair, designer Matthew Plummer-Fernandez started with a 3D plot based on the volume, time and frequency of a short piece of audio. He then fed the data into a computer-controlled water-jet cutter, which carves the body of each individual chair from a block of Polyethelene foam (the original prototype was hand-cut by the designer himself). In the process of coming up with the right audio recipe for his Sound/Chair, Plummer-Fernandez experimented with 719 unique sounds before he found the one that was just right for a comfy chair, with proper arm-rests.

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