Medicine That Blooms in Your Cup Gives Relief in More Ways than One

Taking your medicine with a spoonful of sugar might not be the best thing to do, especially if you’re a diabetic. But something that can definitely help the meds go down is Singapore design student Chan Min Yun’s Bloom.

Bloom MedicineIt’s based on the concept of flowering tea, which are pods that slowly bloom when they’re dropped in water to whip up a fragrant cup of tea.

Yun took this idea and packaged single doses of common medicines such as amoxicillin (an antibiotic for children), acetaminophen (menstrual pain relief), and paracetamol (pain and fever relief) into thin, water-resistant paper that subsequently bloom in water.

Bloom Medicine

This definitely takes away some of the bitterness that comes with having to take medicine, not just physically, but also emotionally – by making it a more relaxing experience.

[via Pop Up City]