Boomf Turns Instagram Pics into Marshmallows

How would you like to have your favorite memories for snacks? You can even skewer them or heat them up to make some extra memorable smores. Sounds pretty impossible, but as long as that moment is captured and posted on Instagram, then Boomf can make it happen.


The process to transform selfies, family shots, pictures with friends, and foodgrams begins with Boomf. Simply link your Instagram account to the service and select the shots that you’d like to eat. You can order singles or multiples of any image. Boomf will do the rest and print your chosen images on fluffy, vanilla-flavored marshmallow squares for your snacking pleasure.


A package of nine printed marshmallows sells for £12 (~$20), and the service now offers delivery both in its homeland of the UK and in North America.

[via C|NET]