Brave New World Lamp Is Every Bit As Awesome As It Looks

I haven’t featured a lamp up here in a while because I really haven’t seen anything that’s all that cool floating around. But when I stumbled onto this mechanical wood marvel, I knew I had to find out more about it.


Designed by Marcus Beck and Simon Macro for Freshwest, the Brave New World Lamp is reminiscent of an Erector or Meccano set, but built from wood. Better yet, it reminds me of the classic Anglepoise adjustable lamp, crafted from wood instead of metal and springs.


Each Brave New World is made from a complex system of notched and pegged oak wood, and counterbalanced by heavy cast iron weights to allow you to adjust the angle. The designers were inspired by ancient bamboo scaffolding, which was  constructed without a plan, yet somehow managed to hold together in an integral structure. The lamp stands appx 50″ tall and weighs over 110 pounds. It’s powered by a single 20-watt CFL spot bulb, connected to an exposed red fabric-covered cord to complete the look.


I love the design of this thing, and would totally have one in my living room if not for the appx. $3800 (USD) price tag. But if you’ve got the budget to spare, you can get one for yourself on one over at YLighting.