Breaking Bad Chess Set: The King is In the Empire Business

Breaking Bad was one of the best TV dramas ever and it was sad when it ended. However, the journey doesn’t have to be over. You can continue to enjoy the show in chess form thanks to this awesome set from Known Unknown Design.
breaking bad chess
It has hand-drawn characters done in a cool comic book style. Naturally, Mr. White is King and Skyler is Queen – at least on one side of the board. On the other side, Heisenberg rules, and he’s makes Gustavo his bitch. Of course, you can make the show unfold anyway you like through the game.

breaking bad chess1

The custom board is cleverly designed using the periodic table for its spaces. The game folds for easy carrying too, so you can take it with you to the meth lab. The entire set is available on Etsy for $85(USD).

breaking bad chess2
[via Juxtapoz]