Official Cacodemon and Pain Elemental Plushes: Toys from the Doom Old Days

On one hand, many of the fans of the original Doom games are too old to be playing with plushies. On the other hand, some kids might be find these toys too freaky. So really, these are for teenagers who may or may not have played Doom.


Then again, the monsters in Where the Wild Things Are are far scarier than the Cacodemon plush. Heck, Suezo from Monster Rancher is faaaar scarier than these two.


Fight your way to Bethesda’s online store to order the Cacodemon and the Pain Elemental plushies. Each toy costs $15 (USD) and is about 7″ tall. What would really make everyone’s Halloween is if Atlus released plushies of the Shin Megami Tensei demons.

[via Joystiq]