Amazing Dragon Make out of CD Shards: Discerys Targaryen

Check out this amazing dragon made from shards of compact discs. You don’t need to breath fire when every scale on your body is razor sharp and ready to cut you up. Look at how shimmery and shiny this beat is. All I can think is that the creator must have shed alot of blood creating it.
It was well worth it if he did get cut a million times. This is some quality CD shard art. It looks completely bad-ass with its rainbow-like armored shell. Its creator used a frame of wire mesh and then hot glued CD shards all over it to complete this beautiful thing. In all it took 136 blank CDs.


This is what I love about this job. I didn’t even know such a thing existed this morning and now I want one. But since I’m not going to make one myself, I’ll just have to admire this one from afar.

[imgur via Obvious Winner]