Chemistry Crayon Labels: Writin’ Nerdy

Crayon labels are kept pretty basic for a good reason. The colors really don’t need much of a description. Besides, kids don’t know what Periwinkle, Scarlet, or Aquamarine are. They just want to color between the lines in their book. Well, if you want to teach kids about chemistry, maybe you can change the labels on their crayons. It might work.

Each crayon wrapper approximates the color of the chemical or the flame it produces when burned, so they might end up learning a thing or two. Then again, kids will probably not care and just grab some colors and get to coloring. It’s an interesting idea, but here’s the thing: most adults don’t even know what these fancy chemistry names mean.


Hey, at least you are trying to better your kid as they sit there coloring pages. Chemistry Crayon Labels come in sets of 8 to 48 adhesive-backed stickers. They also come with a sheet with information about which chemical should be stuck to which color crayon.

[via Dude I Want That]