Solid Chocolate Nike Air Max 90 Sneaker: Just Chew It

I know there are a ton of people who collect Nike sneakers like they were baseball cards. I don’t get it myself, but chocolate Nikes I could collect. This delicious Nike was made by a design student in London. It is a solid chocolate Air Max 90.


Milan Miladinov created the solid chocolate sneaker for the running shoes 25th anniversary. First he made a silicon mold of the shoe. Then he painted the inside of the mold to get every line and detail of the shoe, poured a bunch of liquid chocolate into it, waited 15 hours, then a solid chocolate sneaker was born.


How could he resist eating it long enough to take these pictures? If I made this no one would believe me because there would be no evidence.


[via Sole Collector via Neatorama]

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