Clever Cutter Combines Knife with a Cutting Board

Knives and cutting boards are a classic kitchen combo. So why not just combine them into a single kitchen tool with the Clever Cutter? Combine them with a pair of scissors while you’re at it?

This gadget puts a knife on one side and a small cutting board on the other, so you can slice vegetables, meats, and other food items as easily as you cut paper with scissors. The cutting board provides a small surface to provide resistance for cutting, though it’s really tiny.

I guess it is good for slicing vegetables and small pieces of meat right into your pan or into your bowl. It comes with an angled stainless steel blade that, the company says, can retain its sharpness for a long time, with a safety button that locks the tool in a closed position to prevent accidents. It is only $19.99(USD) over on Amazon.

[via Cool Things]