Clucktch Chicken Handbag Can Hold Your Golden Eggs and More

It’s a clucktch, it’s a henbag, no wait – it’s the Original Chicken Handbag!

It won’t squawk  but it can definitely carry most of your on-the-go essentials. I had no idea chickens were in style these days, but then again, you never can tell what’s going to catch on or not in the cuckoo world of fashion.


The hen featured on the handbag looks particularly happy, don’t you think?

The bag is made from durable rubber, while the handles are tough nylon. It’s also got a nylon base and lining. It looks more like a gag gift to me, but then again, if you can make it work with your outfit, then why not?


The Original Chicken Handbag is available on Firebox for £24.99 (~$38 USD).

[via Incredible Things]