See-Through Cocoon Lets You Live in Your Own Little Bubble

Every once in a while, I feel like being alone and that’s one of the times I feel extremely lucky and fortunate that we have a spare room in the house. Not that I’m a loner or anything, but I just like being able to get away from everyone and everything sometimes.

If I didn’t have a spare room to go to, then I’m sure something like the plastic-shelled Cocoon 1 would be totally up my alley. Although the price, not so much.

CocoonThe Cocoon 1 is a piece of furniture that you can actually live in. It’s like the Cocoon Tent we saw earlier, only it’s made with a tough and clear material–and, well, it’s not a tent.


Designed by Swiss design group Micasa Lab, the Cocoon is cushy and roomy enough to let people sleep, eat, relax, and do whatever they want by their lonesome while they’re in it. The inside of the Cocoon is modular, so it can be configured as a living, working or even a cooking space. You can even get a Wi-Fi module for surfing the web inside of it.


The Cocoon 1 seems like a concept, but it’s actually an actual product that will be arriving sometime in Fall of 2013.

The only downside? The base model is priced at $2,990(USD), and goes up from there.

[Cocoon 1 via Yanko Design]