Color Your Mac Mini With Custom Anodizing

Looking to add a splash of color to your Mac Mini without losing the aluminum finish? Well here’s a new way to add a serious splash of color to your Mini.


The guys over at Computer Choppers are now offering a custom Mac Mini anodizing service, letting you really give your computer a new look. The great thing about the anodizing process is that it’s highly scratch resistant and doesn’t chip off like paint can, plus your machine keeps that great metal look that paints often cover up.

Colors run the gamut, including such lovelies as blood red, a sapphire-like deep blue and emerald-esque dark green among others. Exotics like a hard black, graphics, custom logos and even a camouflage finish are also available for an up-charge. Prices for the service start at $199 USD, and go up from there. For more information, contact Computer Choppers here.