ColorWare Retro 5K iMac, Magic Mouse & Magic Keyboard: Apple ][expensive

ColorWare’s patrons are clearly willing to pay a premium to own unique gadgets. Its Apple IIe-inspired Retro MacBook Air and iPhone 6s/6s Plus were such a hit that the company has given the same treatment to the 27″ Retina 5K iMac, along with the bundled mouse and keyboard.


All three pieces of hardware have been decked out in the throwback light beige color. Like the Retro MacBook Air, the 5K iMac has faux vents at the back, as well as the rainbow-colored Apple logo on the front and back. The Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard on the other hand have a rainbow-colored “Retro” logo in place of the grey Apple logo.





The iMac Retro bundle is limited to 25 units, each engraved with its particular number, and starts at $3799 (USD). There will also be 100 units of the Retro Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard set for $399. You can order them from ColorWare’s website.