Cooking with Your MacBook Air: All Warranties Voided

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I’m somewhat anal about keeping my MacBook Pro clean and pristine, but that didn’t stop Mochrom from using his MacBook Air to prepare food. He basically uses his MacBook Air as a kitchen knife. What will the Japanese think of next?

mochrom macbook air cooking kitchen knife japan

I knew that the MacBook Air’s edge was sharp, but sharp enough to peel carrots? Apparently it is. That’s not all. You can use it to slice mushrooms, bacon, and more. The danger of getting your MacBook Air wet or damaged is somewhat minimal, but it’s not something I would personally try.

You can check out what other stuff that zany Japanese guy Mochrom is up to with his MacBook Air in the kitchen over at his blog. It’s in Japanese, but a quick translation is readily available through Google Translate.

mochrom macbook air cooking kitchen knife japan

[via Gadgetbox via Ubergizmo]