Crocheted Minions: Despicable Amigurumi

For me, Despicable Me was a unexpectedly entertaining animated film. Perhaps it was because of Steve Carrell’s hilarious performance as Gru, or maybe it was his Raving Rabbids-esque army of minions. Either way, you won’t be able to resist this collection of amigurumi minions.


This set of nine minions was handmade by crochet artist Komang Darmiani, and they’re just waiting to be placed on your desk for family, friends or co-workers to ogle and grope. Each one is made from acrylic yarn and measures just under 3″ tall.


The full set will set you back $99.90(USD) – or just over $11 a minion – not too bad for your own highly-obedient cubicle army, I say.