Cthulhu Wall Sconce: The Darkest Light

This Cthulhu lamp is very impressive and intimidating. You have to be brave to decorate with this kind of lighting. It was made by Karl Dupéré-Richer, who clearly knows how to terrorize and decorate at the same time.
cthulhu lamp
It was made using “the back of one PVC patio chair, 14 chair feet, one flowerpot, one umbrella base, two bike tires, 30 cans, many pieces of PVC pipes, one acrylic globe light, some car body parts, a few pieces of garden hose and about 1,000 devoured human souls.”


That sounds like Cthulhu’s diet alright. This thing is just amazing. I love how those eyes glow as if he has just awakened and is ready to steal your soul.

cthulhu lamp2


The lamp hangs proudly on the wall at the EtOH Brasserie in Montreal, Canada. And if you have any doubt just how awesome this thing is, wait til you see how huge it is…


[via Neatorama]