Dalek Oreos, Double Stuffing, Double the Extermination

Remember that time when the Doctor bluffed his way out of Dalek extermination by using a Jammie Dodger (which is a British biscuit or cookie) and telling them it was some sort of doomsday device? Well, the Daleks are having some cookie fun of their own.

That would have been a great episode in which to feature these Dalek Oreos. The Daleks could have one-upped him by wheeling out a tray of these guys to kill his cookie.

They certainly are cute and they look delicious. They were made by Flickr user Navaboo with some help from her boyfriend and she was kind enough to share her recipe along with the image here. If you plan on throwing a Doctor Who bash anytime soon, you should serve these up to your guests.

[via Neatorama]