Death Star Tea-for-one Teapot and Mug: That’s No Matcha!

If you like tea, and need something geeky to drink your warm beverage out of, here is just the ticket. It’s a teapot and mug set that looks like the Death Star. It’s fully-armed and operational, though it does have one fatal flaw which could be easily exploited by the Rebellion – it’s made from ceramics, so it could be destroyed without even having to find its exhaust port.

The teapot rests on top of the mug and the pot holds 12 oz. with the mug holding 6 oz. Both pieces can be put in the dishwasher or microwave. The markings on the set look sort of like hieroglyphics to me.

ThinkGeek has this for $24.99(USD) and you can pick one up today.