Delen Memory Table: Sit Down and Shot Up

One late night, while he was walking home, David Franklin passed by a dark alley and was accosted by three thugs. They tackled him and held him down. Then the leader of the group held him up against a wall with his shirt collar, and with a cigarette-damaged voice and a beer-soaked breath, screamed in his face, “How can archetypal furniture facilitate the sharing of memories?” So David built the Delen Memory Table. Or at least that’s how I imagine the question came to David.

delen memory table concept by david franklin

As you can see in the picture, the Delen has a camera mounted on a post so that it has a view of the whole table. It can take pictures at preset or specified intervals, then wirelessly transmits those pictures to a nearby computer. David’s custom software will then automatically upload those pictures to a social networking site. With this design, you can easily make a slideshow or even a stop-motion animation showing what your day is like – what you’re working on, what you eat, how many dishes have to be piled up on your table before you make an effort to clean it up, etc.

I think that the Delen is neat software in gimmicky furniture’s clothing. It’s not really the table itself that’s special or that handles the sharing part – it just happens to be where the camera is. In fact, I think David should just ditch the table and develop the camera or even just the software itself. Leave those thugs to answer their questions themselves.

[via Design Milk via NotCot]