Dexim Visible USB Cables Light Up When Charging: Indicator Overkill

Finally, a charging cable for the obsessive compulsive people who keep on checking to see if their gadget’s charging or fully charged. Dexim’s Visible USB cables are embedded with electroluminescent material, so the whole thing lights up Tron-style while your device juices up.

dexim visible usb cable with led

Aside from looking neat, the lights also serve another purpose. As you’ll see in the video below, the blinking animation gets slower as the battery of the device being charged nears its capacity, finally fading out when charging is complete.

The Dexim Visible USB cables are available on Amazon, but for some reason the USB-to-micro-USB models are being sold for $60 (USD) – way more expensive than the iOS-compatible variants, which are priced at $15-$20. So if you have an Android phone or any other device that has a micro-USB charging port, you should consider importing one from Sanwa Direct(JP) instead.

[via Digital Trends]