DockXtender iOS Cable: Dock Without Docking

The inclusion of docks for iOS devices in many media players and other gadgets is great, but it’s hard to use your gadget while it’s docked. What will happen to your tiny tower’s bitizens then? CableJive provides a solution to that problem the only way it knows how: with a cable.

cablejive dockXtender ios cable

While you could just go wireless with an AirPlay-compatible dock, you can’t exactly charge up that way. The dockXtender is just a cable with a male 30-pin connector on one end and a female connector on the other end, but this simple tool will give you better access to your device, so you can keep multitasking, you impatient consumer you. The video below also shows other possible uses for the dockXtender:

The dockXtender comes in two variants. The $16(USD) basic cable is 19″ long and will pass audio, enable remote control and sync and charge iOS devices, while the premium cable comes in two sizes – 2′ for for $26 and 6′ for $31, although as of this writing it’s discounted to $27 – and will also let you play videos. Neither of the cables are compatible with Apple’s VGA and digital AV adapters though.