This Inspirational Doctor Who Tattoo Is Written in Gallifreyan

Geeks get all kinds of cool tattoos, but how many are inspirational quotes written in alien languages? Not many. Angela C’s tattoo is an exception. It is written in Gallifreyan, which is the language of the Time Lords of course. So this tattoo looks awesome and you can also read it  – if you know the language, that is.

doctor who tattoo
Apparently this tattoo reads, “Against all odds I will Rise, Against all odds I will fly, I will soar among the stars, Against all odds I WILL conquer the impossible.” You already did Angela. You already did.

Good thing the tattoo artist’s description didn’t get lost in translation. It could have turned out like, “Against all odds I have the runs, Against all odds I catch flies, I am soar among my bottom, Against all odds I WILL conquer illiteracy.” Or something.

[via Geekologie]