Doctor Who TARDIS Backpack Isn’t Bigger on the Inside

The BBC series Doctor Who has been around for decades. The show’s producers have a cool way to keep the series going as different docs die off and regenerate. One thing that has remained pretty much the same over all these years is the TARDIS. Doctor Who fans will want to check out this TARDIS backpack.

It’s based on the blue police box from the 11th season of the show and measures 11.5″ x 13″ x 5.5″. It’s not bigger on the inside; those are the actual dimensions. It looks like leather, but it’s made from shiny, textured polyurethane.

It has a snap closure and a pair of zippered side pockets. Sadly, it has no dedicated laptop pouch, but it still looks cool. ThinkGeek will sell you one for $79.99, and it is shipping now.