App Teaches You How to Speak Dothraki

If you are headed into Dothraki country you better know the language if you don’t want to lose your head. But don’t worry. There’s an app for that. The guy who created the Dothraki language for Game of Thrones has created a system to teach fans the language.


The new Dothraki Companion app will make learning the language easy using interactive games, over 300 vocabulary flashcards, a comprehensive grammar summary, culture notes, and a conversational dialogue.

The next time you meet a Khal, you will be ready and know how to complain about the weather in that part of Westeros. Maybe you will even end up with some molten gold on your head. You can download the iOS app for just $3.99(USD).


Now geeks can be fluent in both Klingon and Dothraki in case these two factions should meet in battle.

[via CNet via Nerd Approved]