Doughnut to-Go: Exactly What It Sounds Like

Inventors sure seem to have a lot of time on their hands in Japan. Take for instance, this wacky gadget, that’s sole purpose is to carry around a single doughnut.


Yep. The appropriately monikered Doughnut To-Go does one thing, and one thing well – it carries your doughnut (or donut if you prefer). According to these informative product photos, you’ll be able to carry just about any fried dough pastry with a hole in the middle in it. Chocolate glazed, check. Cake, check. Round crullers, check. Kreme or Jelly-filled, sorry, you’re S.O.L.


The Doughnut To-Go even has a special security hole, so you can lock your doughy treat up and keep it away from would be thieves. As an added bonus, it’s ventilated and can be put in the microwave to heat up your precious edible prize. Or, fill it with a ton of popcorn and oil, lock it shut, put it in the microwave, and watch it explode. Tell anyone we gave you that idea, and we’ll deny it.


There’s also a handy Chupa Chup holder in the middle. Why? Why not? The whole idea is ridiculous anyhow. Speaking of holes, the makers of the Doughnut To-Go haven’t said if they have plans for a Munchkin holder, but I think they should get to work on that

You can order the Doughnut To-Go over at Rakuten’s Ketai Strap store for about $12 (USD).