Dream Arcades Intros Dreamcade 2.0 Gaming Cabinet

Fans of arcade games should definitely give this new arcade cabinet a look. Dream Arcades latest system is loaded to the gills with features, yet is very reasonably priced as home arcade systems go.

Dreamcade 2.0 Arcade Cabinet

The $1799 Dreamcade 2.0 is a Windows-based arcade system with over 145 licensed games pre-loaded. Arcade games include titles from Atari, Midway, Namco, Digital Leisure and Capcom. There’s even a number of classic Atari 2600 games thrown in for good measure.

The system has some really nice touches like a 19-inch arcade CRT monitor, two sets of real arcade controls, backlit buttons, and even a trackball. There are even side-mounted buttons for playing pinball games as well. It’s got a lighted marquee that lets you install your own custom artwork, and the cabinet is made of a sturdy 3/4-inch laminate, just like real arcade cabinets.

Unlike some systems the Dreamcade is completely ready to go, and can play games right out of the box. Plus, since it’s Windows-based, you can add your own games too.