Man Loans Out Dslr and Gets It Back With Serious Wood

I learned a long time ago you never loan stuff to a friend if it is electronic. I have had netbooks come back packed with malware from friends downloading stuff they shouldn’t be and I have had stuff just plain not come back. One dude loaned out his dSLR to a pal and it came back with its control knob replaced with a wood one.

Apparently, the borrower of the DSLR somehow managed to lose the control knob. Rather than bring it back, say sorry, and quickly leave the owners house, the guy who lost the knob made another one. He took a chunk of wood and carved a control knob out of it.

He didn’t just stop at a round wood puck either. This dude carved the indents around the knob and even burned the markings for the settings in. In all, this knob may be cooler than the factory knob. Sadly, none of my pals would have gone this far if they lost a part of one of my gadgets.

[via Make:]