Electrolux Doorless Refrigerator Concept: The Future Hates Fridge Magnets

We’ve seen a handful of wacky concepts for refrigerators entered into the Electrolux Design Lab competition over the past years, and this year is no different. What you see below is the Impress, a refrigerator that has no doors. Instead, it has honeycomb-shaped receptacles that you push inward with whatever you want to refrigerate. You can easily see – and grab – everything that’s in the fridge.

electrolux impress refrigerator concept by ben de la roche

The Impress was conceptualized by Massey University third year student Ben de la Roche, who claims that the refrigerator’s power consumption scales according to its contents – the less items stored in it, the less power it consumes. If there are no items inside, the refrigerator won’t start cooling.

electrolux impress refrigerator concept by ben de la roche 2

Most importantly, de la Roche claims that his concept is “quite grounded in that the technology’s quite available and it’s quite realistic.” Sadly I don’t have the details to back up Ben’s claim, but I bet he does. He’s one of ten finalists in the Design Lab competition who will present their concept before a jury of design experts in Italy on October 25.

[via NZ Herald & Electrolux via DVICE]