Eskuché 33 and 1/3 Headphones Offer Retro-Future-Licious Sound and Style

I just love the look of these luscious retro-modern headphones. Named for the rotational speed of classic vinyl records, these Eskuché 33 and 1/3 headphones should be great for listening to any music, whether recorded on a vinyl platter or in the digital ether.


Each pair is loaded up with LR Soundsystems’ drivers rated at 20Hz to 20KHz frequency range and 112 dB sensitivity. The phones are enshrouded in a shiny metallic skin, and feature comfy padded ear cups attached to a comfy adjustable headband. And from the user reviews I’ve read, they don’t just look good, they sound great too. Best of all, they throw in two cords, one of them with an inline microphone and answer button so you can use ’em with your iPhone too. Sweet. I’m so getting me a pair to replace my earbuds.

The 33 and 1/3 headphones are available in both a pinky gold finish as well as a silvertone. You can grab a pair over at Urban Outfitters for $58 (USD) and you’ll definitely be the hippest headphone-wearin’ hipster in the whole wide room.