Eye Slack Haruka Wants to Vibrate Your Eye Bags Away

My mother can always tell how many hours I slept the previous night based on the size of the bags under my eyes. When deadlines are running tight and things are getting crazy hectic I work, I sometimes pull all-nights, and the second thing to suffer (since the first one would have to be my health) are my looks.

Eye Slack Haruka

And since there is no gadget that the Japanese want to leave uninvented to treat everyday problems such as humongous eye bags, we now have the option of treating these unsightly undereye circles and bulges with the Eye Slack Haruka.

The Eye Slack Haruka is actually a pair of pink-colored, crescent moon-shaped devices with two modes of operation: soft and hard. Going for “hard” will provide some mild, electric simulation to your eye bags, while “soft” gives them a gentle heating and vibrating treatment.

Eye Slack Haruka

No clinical studies have been done to show the effectiveness of the Eye Slack Haruka, but the manufacturers claim that just three minutes a day with these under-eyepieces on will reduce the sagging skin under your peepers with continued use. It’s available from Japan Trend Shop for $131 if you’d like to give it a shot.

[via Ubergizmo via Oh Gizmo!]