Fact or Fiction: 15 Silly Myths Some People Might Actually Believe

Many people believe something that makes absolutely no sense to others. It can guide our way of thinking and behaving without us even realizing it.

Plus, we’ve all heard a number of myths throughout our lives that we might believe, even to this day.

1. If You Drop a Penny off a Skyscraper

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We’ve all heard the myth that if you drop a penny off a skyscraper, it will eventually fall fast enough to puncture someone’s skull.

However, scientists have proven that the penny wouldn’t have enough energy from the drop to kill a person.

2. Reading of the Will

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If you think about the movies you’ve seen where an estate lawyer gathers a whole family together to hear a will reading, it turns out that really doesn’t happen all that often in real life.

In reality, they email everyone their own copy.

3. Black Belts Have to Register Their Fists as Weapons

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Although many gyms make it very clear to their students that they can’t go around starting street fights, the myth that you need to register your fists as weapons is untrue.

4. Detox Drinks

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Humans’ liver and kidneys are the cleansers; the body does not need something to cleanse it. The reason these detox drinks feel like they’re working is because you’re giving your body a break by laying off the things that are bad for you, like alcohol and cheeseburgers.

5. A Unibrow Means Good Luck

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In some cultures, they believe a unibrow means good luck. While luck is up to each person’s beliefs, one person who thought this kept their unibrow until they were diagnosed with stage 5 kidney failure. They got their eyebrows shaped and had them done by a professional afterward.

6. You Eat Spiders in Your Sleep

Wandering Spider
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Many believe that humans unknowingly eat spiders in their sleep. However, spiders will not knowingly walk into the mouth of a predator. They sense noise, heat, and a heartbeat from humans, which alerts them not to go near their mouths.

7. Gum Takes Seven Years to Digest

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Biologically, this myth cannot be accurate. However, many people believe that their mothers used this phrase as a tactic to stop them from constantly swallowing their gum.

8. Shaving Makes Your Hair Grow Back Thicker

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Another myth that mothers used to get their kids to hold off on shaving for a little longer. Cosmetologists say your hair might look a little thicker after shaving as it all grows from the same point with blunt, even edges, but it will eventually start to look the same as it used to.

9. Sitting Too Close to the TV Will Blind You

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We all heard this warning from our parents after spending too many hours in front of a TV. TVs emit low radiation levels and have little effect on the body. However, you should avoid staring at a TV for a long period of time, which can cause fatigue in the eye muscles and affect vision. But there has been no proof this causes long-term damage.

10. Humans Use 10% of Their Brain

Brainstorm (1983)
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Think about all the things your brain does to help your body function. There’s no way we only use one-tenth of our brains.

11. Blood is Blue Inside the Body

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One myth that people believe is that the blood is blue inside the body and then turns red when it hits oxygen. Blood can appear blue due to the light moving over the skin and blood vessels. However, blood carries oxygen throughout the body, so this is definitely untrue.

12. MSG is Extremely Bad for You

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Many people demonize MSG and believe it’s extremely bad for humans. In truth, too much of anything is bad for you, and many dishes and foods have a little sprinkle or two of MSG for flavor.

13. Black Cats are Evil

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Because of this myth, black cats are usually not adopted from shelters and are put down more often than other colors. However, black cats are also beloved by many, and people strive to adopt as many black cats as possible.

14. If You Touch a Baby Bird, its Mother Will Abandon It

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Some people believe that if you touch a baby bird, you will leave your scent on it, and the mother will abandon it. This is untrue, but one biologist pointed out that you might scare the mother bird away if you make too much noise or interact with her nest too much.

15. Lightning Never Strikes the Same Place Twice

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In reality, lightning strikes certain areas more than others, like high points or metal rods, disproving the likelihood of this myth.

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